Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making a baby tree grow

For a band that has been around for so long, this is the least I could do to help my new found friends. It's funny how everything started. Like any other journalist, I always feel the need to cover events and bands that I personally feel have the potential, whether or not I like them personally.

I remembered so vividly three years ago, I was a student at a college. I thought to myself, "We have so many great talents in the country but nobody really features them. I wish I could help the independent scene and bands to get the coverage they deserve." I never knew that today, I am one with the access to feature great bands in the newspaper.

Some may say that this band is just another band and I respect that, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion on things. I understand that this isn't much, but like I mentioned earlier, it's the least I could do. I really hope that fans will keep on supporting this precious band - don't let them die.

This is the outcome:

Rock on, NITRUS!

Friday, June 26th, 2009 05:24:00

SUPPORT is crucial for everyone, including a band that has been around for 10 years!

Nitrus may be a familiar name for those who are tuned into the local music scene. For those who are not, it's not too late!

The band's popularity soared with the release of the Kami soundtrack in 2007. The soundtrack was inspired by Kami, the hit TV series on 8TV. Nitrus was one of the indie bands featured alongside big names in the underground scene like Love Me Butch and OAG.

If you have not heard of their hits, including Kamu, Hujung Dunia and Sisa, check out their MySpace at

While many artistes come and go, Nitrus has managed to maintain a rocking presence on the scene with good lyrics and music.

"We're not a technical band. If we're considered technical it'd be in songwriting and the presentation of the songs, but never in playing," said guitarist, Syed Helmy Alhabshi.

According to him, Nitrus is heavy only in terms of the interpretation of their music, especially the lyrics.

Consistent, captivating yet deep, Nitrus started out in 1999 when vocalist Eddie, real name Edriely Ibrahim, had an intense desire to start a band with his mate, Syed and two other friends.

"Better Days and Twisted were the first songs we wrote and the band finally released the songs in a compilation album titled Another Boring Sunday in 2001. By then, we had recruited two new members, bassist Mohd Azle Mohd Isa and drummer Iskandar Syah Ali," he said.

Later, the band released their first album titled Rasa, which took four years to record.

"There were a lot of fill-ins, very experimental, as at the time we weren't sure if we were capable of producing good tunes.

"Also, we didn't have any specific direction relative to where we were heading. But because of that, everything
fell into place beautifully and here we are. I guess we just went with the flow," he said.

This resulted in Hujung Dunia, which was the first song featuring Eddie as the lead vocalist. The tune was later featured in local film, Goodbye Boys.

"After that, we tried to minimise our musical arrangements. Our new goal was to make tunes that people could
easily appreciate and enjoy. We took only two weeks to record.

‘‘Previously, we took four years to finish preparing Rasa. It definitely got us to test our credibility as musicians. Plus, we learnt a lot during the recording sessions of the first album," Eddie added.

Through the years, Nitrus has developed a style of deep, sophisticated music that banks on its strong lyrics.

In August last year, Nitrus launched their second album, simply titled Nitrus.

Fans who couldn't get enough of them claimed that, "When you really like a band, you just don't compare them with other bands that share a similar sound."

Another cited, "from the first track Tunggu Esok to Benar Salahku, the lyrics are good enough to deserve a literature award for the meaningfully crafted words and good melodies."

To know more about the Nitrus, read their blog or follow them on Twitter (


Nadirah H. Rodzi


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