Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making a baby tree grow

For a band that has been around for so long, this is the least I could do to help my new found friends. It's funny how everything started. Like any other journalist, I always feel the need to cover events and bands that I personally feel have the potential, whether or not I like them personally.

I remembered so vividly three years ago, I was a student at a college. I thought to myself, "We have so many great talents in the country but nobody really features them. I wish I could help the independent scene and bands to get the coverage they deserve." I never knew that today, I am one with the access to feature great bands in the newspaper.

Some may say that this band is just another band and I respect that, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion on things. I understand that this isn't much, but like I mentioned earlier, it's the least I could do. I really hope that fans will keep on supporting this precious band - don't let them die.

This is the outcome:

Rock on, NITRUS!

Friday, June 26th, 2009 05:24:00

SUPPORT is crucial for everyone, including a band that has been around for 10 years!

Nitrus may be a familiar name for those who are tuned into the local music scene. For those who are not, it's not too late!

The band's popularity soared with the release of the Kami soundtrack in 2007. The soundtrack was inspired by Kami, the hit TV series on 8TV. Nitrus was one of the indie bands featured alongside big names in the underground scene like Love Me Butch and OAG.

If you have not heard of their hits, including Kamu, Hujung Dunia and Sisa, check out their MySpace at

While many artistes come and go, Nitrus has managed to maintain a rocking presence on the scene with good lyrics and music.

"We're not a technical band. If we're considered technical it'd be in songwriting and the presentation of the songs, but never in playing," said guitarist, Syed Helmy Alhabshi.

According to him, Nitrus is heavy only in terms of the interpretation of their music, especially the lyrics.

Consistent, captivating yet deep, Nitrus started out in 1999 when vocalist Eddie, real name Edriely Ibrahim, had an intense desire to start a band with his mate, Syed and two other friends.

"Better Days and Twisted were the first songs we wrote and the band finally released the songs in a compilation album titled Another Boring Sunday in 2001. By then, we had recruited two new members, bassist Mohd Azle Mohd Isa and drummer Iskandar Syah Ali," he said.

Later, the band released their first album titled Rasa, which took four years to record.

"There were a lot of fill-ins, very experimental, as at the time we weren't sure if we were capable of producing good tunes.

"Also, we didn't have any specific direction relative to where we were heading. But because of that, everything
fell into place beautifully and here we are. I guess we just went with the flow," he said.

This resulted in Hujung Dunia, which was the first song featuring Eddie as the lead vocalist. The tune was later featured in local film, Goodbye Boys.

"After that, we tried to minimise our musical arrangements. Our new goal was to make tunes that people could
easily appreciate and enjoy. We took only two weeks to record.

‘‘Previously, we took four years to finish preparing Rasa. It definitely got us to test our credibility as musicians. Plus, we learnt a lot during the recording sessions of the first album," Eddie added.

Through the years, Nitrus has developed a style of deep, sophisticated music that banks on its strong lyrics.

In August last year, Nitrus launched their second album, simply titled Nitrus.

Fans who couldn't get enough of them claimed that, "When you really like a band, you just don't compare them with other bands that share a similar sound."

Another cited, "from the first track Tunggu Esok to Benar Salahku, the lyrics are good enough to deserve a literature award for the meaningfully crafted words and good melodies."

To know more about the Nitrus, read their blog or follow them on Twitter (


Nadirah H. Rodzi

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey kids, this is a very quick update from us boys of Nitrus!

We noticed that we haven't been updating much. So this is for you guys out there who never fail to support us, even though just by reading our blog, it means the world to us!

So we had a show at Laundry Bar, the Curve last night (May 21). It started at 10pm but we only played around 11pm (if I'm not mistaken). It was great. As much as the atmosphere was terrific, the people there were too. And we absolutely hope that those who went had fun, especially Nitrus' armies out there who went just to catch us live! We are so thankful for having such wonderful fans supporting us throughout the years.

Anyway, we managed to catch the band before us play. I don't believe I remember the band's name (our apology) but they were really entertaining. I guess it's the frontwoman who nailed the set because she was so energetic and quirkily fun. In a good way of course. Before we know it, our heads, as well as others' were nodding, following the beats of their songs. It was a good set for them, it really was.

Which lead us to our performance. We were up after the previous band finished performing their set. So we got ourselves all geared up with our weapons of choice, we hit the stage and strummed our way through the night. If you noticed, we had Fahar as the sessionist vocalist, covering Eddie as he couldn't make it. Discreetly, I'm sure that Eddie personally wished that he was there to perform.

Under the warm lights in the bar full of people, we jammed three songs - two cover songs, originally performed by Muse (Time is Running Out and Hysteria) and our own song called Cinta. The show was fast - it was definitely short and sweet. We don't know about you guys but it certainly felt like home. As cheesy as that sounds. Haha.

Before we forget, kami dah ada Twitter! Jadi sekarang korang semua dah boleh "ikut" kami. We will try to update as often as we can. So head down to, and start following us. We love being stalked by you guys! Kepada yg takde Twitter tu, apa lagi, buatla sekarang! Haha.

That's it boys and girls, that's all we have for you guys. We're taking a bow. Hit us up with comments if you guys were there or just to say hi, it sure is nice to get a warm hello every now and then! Couldn't have come this far without the armies - YOU! So until next time, take care and always be safe.

P/S: Don't forget to support the local music scene. Peace out.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Review Album "2" Harian Metro

Respirasi Muzik: Cita rasa pelbagai dalam Nitrus

Album: Nitrus
Artis: Nitrus

KUMPULAN Nitrus mula dikenali apabila single mereka, Hujung Dunia menjadi lagu latar untuk drama dan filem Gol & Gincu arahan Bernard Chauley.

Sejak itu, setiap karya dihasilkan kumpulan dianggotai Edriely Ibrahim (Eddy-vokal), Syed Helmy Syed Hood (Syed-gitar), Mohd Azie Mohd Isa (Bob-bass) dan Iskandar Shah Ali (Is-dram) menjadi perhatian pendengar muzik tempatan.

Menarik mengenai lagu yang dimuatkan dalam album Nitrus ini, ia bertunjangkan rock, tetapi mempunyai cita rasa pelbagai. Malah apabila menghayati lagu Resah, pengaruh irama brit pop cukup kuat. Riwayat dan Selalu di Hati pula pengaruh ska dan pop menjadikan ia mudah diterima dan muziknya begitu ringan.

Dalam erti kata lain, album Nitrus agak seimbang dari sudut melodi dan penyampaian. Malah susunan muziknya berada di tahap baik. Persembahan permainan instrumen juga terkawal dan seiring dengan vokal dipersembahkan Eddy.

Paling menarik perhatian dalam album Nitrus ini apabila mereka turut menampilkan lagu bertemakan ketuhanan, Tuhan ciptaan vokalisnya. Penyampaian liriknya mudah untuk difahami dan ia kedengaran sangat jujur.

Review Album "2"

Muzik zaman indie tarik peminat

Ditulis oleh Rosli Manah

Rabu, 11 Mac 2009 13:10

Lapang dengar lagu Nitrus
Nitrus Judul: Nitrus Edaran: Metadome Lagu Sedap: Tunggu Esok, Cinta, Bintang-Bintang, Selalu Di Hati, Sisa, Riwayat, Benar Salahku

Ulasan: Sekarang ini zaman muzik rock indie menarik minat
pendengar. Nitrus salah sebuah kumpulan yang memperjuangkan muzik yang
terarah kepada aliran itu.
Banyak lagu sedap yang dimuatkan di dalam album Nitrus yang
menggunakan nama kumpulan sebagai judul album. Kalau rasa bosan dengan
masalah yang berlaku di persekitaran kita, cuba dengar lmuzik Nitrus,
pasti anda boleh rasa lega sedikit.
Kira bolah jadi terapilah. Lagu rancak pun rasa sedap sahaja apabila masuk ke telinga.
Nilai: ***** bintang.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

X-gigs Penang SABTU 21 MAC

Hi semua org kedah,penang dan perlis jemput dtg ke Q2 club berdekatan dgn jeti penang pada pukul 1-5pm ramai band2 akan juga menghiburkan anda ..pertama kalinya kami buat show di Penang

semoga kami berjaya menghiburkan orang2 penang!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NITRUS @Sg Petani and Penang 21&22 Feb

Metadome Sdn. Bhd. dengan julung kalinya bakal mengadakan siri jelajah di Utara, Semenanjung Malaysia pada 21 & 22 Febuari 2009. Siri jelajah ini adalah bertujuan bagi mendekatkan artis dan peminat di Utara tanah air disamping mempromosikan artis-artis dibawah naungan Metadome Sdn. Bhd iaitu The Fabulous Cats, Nurul, Zhana , Imran Ajmain , Liyana Jasmay dan Nitrus.

Menariknya siri jelajah ini turut mendapat kerjasama dari pada majalah Hai, selaku majalah hiburan terbitan Utusan Karya Sdn. Bhd..

Antara aktiviti yang akan dijalankan ialah persembahan artis dan sesi bertemu peminat di Central Square, Sungai Petani, Kedah pada 21 Februari 2009 jam 3.00 – 5.00 petang. Manakala pada jam 8.00 – 10.00 malam pula akan bertempat di The Carnival, Cinta Sayang Resort.

Hari kedua siri jelajah ini pada 22 Februari 2009 akan bergerak ke Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang untuk sesi bertemu peminat dan mengadakan persembahan disana pada jam 3.00 - 5.00 petang.

Manakala persembahan Eksklusif di The Carnival Cinta Sayang Resort akan di taja oleh Pihak Metadome Sdn.Bhd.Disamping itu, pihak Utusan Karya Sdn. Bhd turut membuat jualan majalah Hai dengan harga promosi sebanyak RM2.00 sahaja.

Pastikan anda tidak melepaskan peluang ini untuk bertemu dan beramah mesra dengan artis-artis kesayangan anda yang didatangkan khas oleh pihak Metadome. Jumpa di sana !!!