Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey kids, this is a very quick update from us boys of Nitrus!

We noticed that we haven't been updating much. So this is for you guys out there who never fail to support us, even though just by reading our blog, it means the world to us!

So we had a show at Laundry Bar, the Curve last night (May 21). It started at 10pm but we only played around 11pm (if I'm not mistaken). It was great. As much as the atmosphere was terrific, the people there were too. And we absolutely hope that those who went had fun, especially Nitrus' armies out there who went just to catch us live! We are so thankful for having such wonderful fans supporting us throughout the years.

Anyway, we managed to catch the band before us play. I don't believe I remember the band's name (our apology) but they were really entertaining. I guess it's the frontwoman who nailed the set because she was so energetic and quirkily fun. In a good way of course. Before we know it, our heads, as well as others' were nodding, following the beats of their songs. It was a good set for them, it really was.

Which lead us to our performance. We were up after the previous band finished performing their set. So we got ourselves all geared up with our weapons of choice, we hit the stage and strummed our way through the night. If you noticed, we had Fahar as the sessionist vocalist, covering Eddie as he couldn't make it. Discreetly, I'm sure that Eddie personally wished that he was there to perform.

Under the warm lights in the bar full of people, we jammed three songs - two cover songs, originally performed by Muse (Time is Running Out and Hysteria) and our own song called Cinta. The show was fast - it was definitely short and sweet. We don't know about you guys but it certainly felt like home. As cheesy as that sounds. Haha.

Before we forget, kami dah ada Twitter! Jadi sekarang korang semua dah boleh "ikut" kami. We will try to update as often as we can. So head down to, and start following us. We love being stalked by you guys! Kepada yg takde Twitter tu, apa lagi, buatla sekarang! Haha.

That's it boys and girls, that's all we have for you guys. We're taking a bow. Hit us up with comments if you guys were there or just to say hi, it sure is nice to get a warm hello every now and then! Couldn't have come this far without the armies - YOU! So until next time, take care and always be safe.

P/S: Don't forget to support the local music scene. Peace out.